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Open top, Lidded and multi compartment roll-off bins ideal for condo, apartments or construction site recycling

Recyclable Materials:

Paper Products

• Cardboard
• Office Paper
• Magazines, flyers, catalogues and phone books
• Newsprint


• All plastics
• Milk jugs

Metal Recycling

• LEEDS projects
• Wood
• Drywall
• Clean concrete with no mesh or rebar

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We encourage recycling as we are a member in good standing and support the Recycling Council of Alberta.
Any refrigerated items must have Freon removed and certified.

Any recyclable material must be in their own separate load and not mixed with any other garbage material.

Customers are responsible for any contents placed in bin.

Loads must be level with the top of the bin.

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How to load a bin: Waste should be evenly distributed and level with the top of the bin to make for safe load & hauling.

Load with Weight Restrictions: Concrete, steel, dirt, gravel, bricks and asphalt shingles

​​Restricted Items:

• Led and acid batteries (vehicle batteries)
• Hazardous waste (solvents, cleaners, chemicals)
• Propane tanks

​• Tires